About and Events

Michelle Ressler

Enlightened Spiritualist

Certified Iridologist​


Future Life Transformational Coach

(Graduation Date November 2023)


  This "Cosmic Journey" is not about me, it's about you. I'm here to help you gain knowledge about yourself  and open all possibilities. These possibilities can lead to success, better relationships and a better outlook on your future. 

About Michelle Ressler

Michelle is a Certified Iridologist and an Enlightened Spiritualist. She noticed her skills at a young age, navigating through a dysfunctional family life, gaining insight from her trauma. Always being a healer, helping others to see their potential, from friends to family and a variety of others over the years. Michelle has worked in healthcare, mostly with the elderly. She was a leader in her healthcare position. She knew she had a higher calling to help others through Therapeutic Coaching and Reiki. Also, over the years has become a  mixed media artist, winning awards for her talent. Now, she is taking all her talents and bringing them to together to create “Beyond Iridology.” 



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At Pegasus Pizzazz Wed and Thurdays From 1-4p.m. And occasional Fridays. 

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